Your home away from home

Comfort and quality

All of our locations are furnished and thought out with comfort in mind.  Most cater to families and have amenities that make it easy to travel with your kids without bringing everything and the kitchen sink from home.  I have 4 children of my own from 2 years to 16 years old and I’m always trying to think what could make things easier for traveling families.


I have lived half my life in Los Angeles, CA and consider it my home. Everything you can think of is available in this town and within an hour and a half I can be in the mountains at a cabin skiing. While I love being at home, I like knowing that within moments I could be enjoying all the area has to offer. I am a very active person and I’ve spent a great deal of time exploring the great outdoors. The first half of my life was spent growing up in Utah and I’ll always have an affinity for the mountains and pines! I am a marathon runner and love to hike and run wherever I travel. I have 4 wonderful children and they love to help me host in our beautiful home in the city and our picturesque mountain cabins.



My entire family gives their input and their labor each time I acquire a new property and begin the remodel process.  My father lends his carpentry skills, my mother her textile skills with fabrics and my kids help by pointing out what they need, whether its WiFi or a bathtub.